Transporter Systems*

Changing the Way You Move Your Collections and Exhibitions: We listened, we designed, we innovated. That is why the Transporter will change the way you move your collections and exhibitions. They arrive fully assembled. Because they are designed and built for the height of a standard 7-foot tall doorway, the systems provide unprecedented easy and secure maneuverability…across the hall to another room, to another gallery, or to another location.

If you have specific space requirements or limitations, the Transporter Systems are individually crafted and can be made to answer your needs.

Meeting Today’s Needs: Moving collections and exhibitions is always an important and exacting task, but our new Transporter Systems simplify the process. As the latest extension of CSI’s innovations for moving painting storage systems, the Transporter Systems rewrite the book on mobility and promote long term cost efficiency while maximizing the security of objects during transport… location to location…room to room…gallery to gallery.

Superior Maneuverability: Maneuverability concerns are under your control. Four lockable swivel casters make the Transporter Systems maneuverable even in narrow or close confines. When locked, the casters render the system immovable, which accommodates easy pull out/push back of the moving panels. Handles located at all four corners of the system allow ease for of movement down corridors and in tight spaces.

Excellent Support: As each individual panel is pulled out of the Transporter System, an aircraft-inspired front wheel extends and automatically locks in place to support the panel for its full extension and retraction. The front wheel automatically retracts as the panel is pushed back into the stored position. 

High Visibility: Optically transparent Lexan polycarbonate panels on the top, back and sides of the Transporter System ensure that your artwork and objects are always visible, adding a further level of protection and security.

Easy Access: The Transporter Systems utilize archival marine-quality canvas doors for ready access to artwork and objects. No additional room is required for a door swing.

Ready To Go To Work For You: CSI Transporter Systems arrive fully assembled and ready for use.

Transport Security: Each moving panel locks in the stored position to prevent movement of objects when the System is in motion.

Materials: The Transporters are constructed of aerospace aluminum for lighter weight and greater strength. The aluminum is non-reactive with no off gassing.

Maintenance: All materials are and maintenance free. No paint or applied finishes. No lubrication.

The CSI Transporter Systems were designed and engineered to meet the evolving needs of collections today and tomorrow. Let CSI change the way you move your collections and exhibitions…because the future deserves the opportunity to learn from the past.

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* Patent Pending