Oversized Flat Storage Cabinets

Our Oversized Flat Tray Storage cabinets are designed for maximum utility, providing excellent dust and water protection for your collection. In fact, they’re manufactured to be total solutions unto themselves. They’re accessible, versatile, mobile and eminently durable…all key principles within our total systems philosophy. For example, your objects can be placed on fully removable trays for flat storage placement and can be configured as needed…and changed when your needs change. Also, the tray’s structural frame is constructed of rigid, lightweight aluminum for ease of access, ease of movement, and to meet conservation requirements. In addition, the cloth tray surface allows efficient air migration.

We pioneered the use of double walled aluminum construction in order to achieve optimal strength, durability and mobility…while reducing the overall weight of the storage system. This construction enables our cabinets to be very large…with full access front and rear…and still roll easily on their casters. The inert anodized aluminum construction is maintenance-free with no surfaces to outgas. This eliminates potential hazards to your collections.

The combination of materials and manufacturing techniques from our aerospace design background make our Oversized Flat Tray Storage Cabinets an ideal solution for virtually any collection. Our cabinets can be assembled on-site, as needed.

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Fact Sheet

Safe and flexible storage placement for Oversized Flat Objects with great ease of access.

Access: The trays are easily accessible and fully removable from both the front and rear of the cabinet.

Anti-Friction: Each tray is fitted with inert, plastic anti-friction guides.

Cabinets: The anodized aluminum construction is lightweight and provides maximum rigidity, durability and mobility. The material is inert, completely non-reactive with no off-gassing. No paints or applied finishes are used.

Design Options: We also offer cabinets that are engineered with alternative hardware, to be dismantled, transported and reassembled by museum staff with standard hand tools.

Doors: The (2) cloth doors are full height and width of the cabinet both front and rear. The material is inert, Dacron polyester with snap and Velcro closure. The doors are detachable and can be washed.

Installation Options: Cabinets can be assembled on-site, as needed.

Lockable Casters: (4) high quality, lockable casters are standard on all cabinets.

Maintenance: Materials are maintenance free.

Proven Quality: For some 30 years our products have been designed, manufactured and installed using advanced aerospace materials and techniques. CSI has successfully completed installations at more than 250 museums worldwide. We are proud to have partnered with many museums for over 20 years.

Sizes: Standard Sizing:

  • 90″ (2.29M) W x 44″ (1.12M) D x 44″ (1.12M) H
  • 90″ (2.29M) W x 90″ (2.29M) D x 90″ (2.29M) H
  • 114″ (2.90M) W x 44″ (1.12M) D x 44″ (1.12M) H
  • 114″ (2.90M) W x 90″ (2.90M) D x 44″ (1.12M) H
  • Plus other standard and custom sizes to meet your collection needs or spaces.

Trays: The anodized aluminum, structural frame is welded all 4 corners to guarantee torsional stability. Additional structural, cross member are added as required by the tray size.