On November 22nd 2021, Crystalizations Systems, Inc. (CSI) was awarded GSA Contract No. 47QSMA22D08NF under GSA Schedule Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). Below are the details relating to the awarded IDIQ Contract.

GSA SCHEDULE Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)
SINS 337127
DUNS 107036774
PRIMARY NIACS 337211, 337214

The mission of Crystalizations Systems, Inc. is to provide solutions that enable leading cultural institutions of all sizes, designations and interests to preserve our heritage for the education and appreciation of future generations.

We are fully committed to the innovative design, manufacturing and custom installation of advanced, conservation-safe storage solutions on behalf of our colleagues in museums, foundations and private collections the world over. To reinforce that commitment, we constantly innovate all our product lines through engineering & optimization and strive to maintain superior levels of quality service, support, and communication at all times.The GSA Contract Services were provided by GSA Focus, Inc.