Moving Rolled Textile Storage Systems

CSI Moving Rolled Textile Storage Systems safely and efficiently store rolled objects of all sizes and descriptions, including rolled textiles and rolled paintings. The system permits high density with maximum protection for the collection. The system’s design also facilitates superior ease of access and clear floor space, and aisles are always kept track free.

Safety and protection for the collection and for museum staff are never compromised. CSI Moving Rolled Textile Storage Systems feature an extruded aluminum frame and corresponding adjustable support brackets for each individual pole. This design enables infinite adjustability to any vertical position. Tracks are electro-galvanized steel for ultimate durability.

CSI Moving Rolled Textile Storage Systems can be wall mounted, ceiling supported or floor supported. Freestanding post and beam systems are also available as needed.

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Fact Sheet

Safe and flexible storage placement of Rolled Textiles and Rolled Paintings

Access: Individual unit access with full pullout unit extension is optimal, reducing the movement and handling of objects.

Aisles: Aisles are always track-free.

Aluminum: The all aluminum units are lightweight and rigid. The aluminum is completely non-reactive with no off-gassing. No paint is used.

Installation Options: Systems can be either ceiling or floor supported. Freestanding post and beam systems are also available as needed.

Maintenance: Materials are maintenance free.

Movement: Less than 15 pounds (7 kg) of force will set a fully loaded unit in motion.

New Installation Option: The “Convertible” allows conversion from a ceiling supported installation to a floor supported installation or vice versa for future flexibility.

Proven Quality: For some 30 years our products have been designed, manufactured and installed using advanced aerospace materials and techniques. CSI has successfully completed installations at more than 250 museums worldwide. We are proud to have partnered with many museums for over 20 years.

Sizes: Units and poles are provided in any size to match collection needs and to best utilize the space available.

Tracks: Electro galvanized steel, for strength and wear resistance.

Trolleys: Stainless Steel with Sealed Ball Bearing for longevity and smooth movement.

Vertical Spacing: All poles and brackets are fully adjustable and totally flexible to receive objects of any diameter. You can easily add or subtract poles and brackets as needed.

Vibration Dampers: Silicone rubber vibration dampers surround the trolleys and isolate the vibration. Vibration is attenuated in all axes/directions