About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Crystalizations Systems, Inc. is to provide solutions that enable leading cultural institutions of all sizes, designations and interests to preserve our heritage for the education and appreciation of future generations.

We are fully committed to the innovative design, manufacturing and custom installation of advanced, conservation-safe storage solutions on behalf of our colleagues in museums, foundations and private collections the world over. To reinforce that commitment, we constantly innovate all our product lines through engineering & optimization and strive to maintain superior levels of quality service, support, and communication at all times.

Patricia Ellenwood: President

It would not be unusual to hear Patricia Ellenwood’s name echo in the halls of the world’s most famous museums. Pat is President of Crystalizations systems, Inc. (CSI), the industry-leading designer and manufacturer of fine art storage systems for the international community of museums and galleries.

Pat holds an MBA from Eastern Michigan University. For decades she has focused her Long Island-based firm on providing effective art storage solutions on a global stage. Early in her career she embraced the need to preserve the world’s masterpieces, and this is embodied in the company’s simple and poignant motto:

“Because the future deserves the opportunity to learn from the past.”

Pat acknowledges that she has had the privilege of working with some of the most noteworthy and respected museum professionals.

“One of the things that continues to impress me even after a lifetime in the museum community, is the dedication and enthusiasm with which true professionals approach their craft. They’re not thinking of merely admiring fine art and artifacts, they’re thinking of preserving them for generations beyond our comprehension. This excites me because I know that my designs and products can help them achieve their goals.”

Pat truly pioneered the now-burgeoning museum storage industry. By combining her management skills and technological instincts with business acumen, she grew the business from zero revenue to millions. Much of this was through cutting edge, on-the-job training, because, as she puts it, “This was wilderness. There were no career paths to follow.”

A tireless advocate for the proper care of permanent collections, Pat lectures and participates in workshops that educate the museum world at large and collections management in particular. Topicality is broad, but revolves around the theme of proper long-term storage of art and artifacts that represent the heritage of mankind.

With such high visibility and leadership in the museum community, Pat has provided real-world solutions for museums to preserve many collections of fine art. She is on a first name basis with many famous artists and architects, as well as renowned curators and collectors.

Pat is most gratified by being able to fully blend her life’s avocation with her vocation. Also exciting is the overwhelming personal and professional privilege she experiences by walking through the storerooms of each museum viewing works rarely seen by the public. Her contributions are enduring: Pat has had the opportunity to celebrate 20-year anniversaries with many major museums nationwide.

Nelson Young: Founder and Chief Engineer

The design and superior functionality of Crystalizations Systems products have a common and unique origin…the fertile mind of Nelson Young. Nelson’s background includes some 15 years experience as a project/manufacturing engineer in the aircraft and aerospace industry. CSI was formed when Nelson decided to conquer another mountain by finding a new area where he could apply his knowledge of metals and manufacturing.

Museum storage was an important but largely underserviced niche in 1976 when Nelson first applied his expertise to the museum world’s unique requirements. The first project for the fledgling Crystalizations organization was truly unique…building the (13) wings, planes and blades that formed the Calder mobile for the East Wing of the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. Nelson applied his knowledge of metals and materials and the result is history.

The Calder project also gave birth to our name. When initially approached to build large scale art, Nelson felt that his life had come into focus…or crystalized. The name Crystalizations reflects that epiphany.

In one sense that first Calder project also exemplifies CSI products. It involved understanding the client’s needs and end goals, devising the perfect techniques, as well as manufacturing and delivering on schedule. In fact, the most important common denominator between all our proprietary products is the application of materials knowledge and manufacturing techniques. Many of these ultra-efficient protocols and procedures are derived from Nelson’s aerospace experience, and of course they have been adapted and refined over the year at CSI.

Alexis Young: Sales and Marketing Manager

Growing up in the halls and storerooms of prestigious art institutions instilled an innate love for the preservation of cultural legacy in Alexis at a very young age. As Sales and Marketing Manager she concentrates on the care and feeding of CSI clients and associates in the dynamic world of art, focusing on galleries, private and corporate collections, conservation labs, historic houses and art museums.

Alexis combines her hands-on background as exhibition registrar and museum inventory specialist with considerable knowledge and skills in social media marketing. She holds a MFA in Museum Professions from Seton Hall University with a concentration in Registration and a BFA is in Art History and Business from LIU Post.

Kim Torregrosa: Office Manager, Project Coordinator

When Kim joined CSI in 2000, she brought with her organizational skills and a determination to ensure that the fast growing business met client expectations and ran as smoothly as possible. Currently, her broad range of responsibilities includes bookkeeping and billing, information management, as well as direct client contact for multiple business matters. Given CSI’s active trade show and conference schedule, as well as RFPs to be produced/provided quickly to meet grant deadlines, Kim’s calm manner and professional skills ensure appropriate scheduling, pre-show preparation, and travel arrangements.