PerfectFit™ Rolled Textile Storage Kit System CSI-PFT-200

Safe, efficient storage of rolled textiles, rolled paintings and artifacts is always a challenge in the museum world. All too often it is compounded by space restrictions, or the complete lack of available storage space. This need is what drove the adaptation of the PerfectFit™ design concept for moving rolled textile storage applications.

Like the PerfectFit™ moving painting storage system, the PerfectFit™ Moving Rolled Textile Storage is a kit system that enables safe, high-density storage with maximum protection for the collection. The freestanding system requires no track and includes a magnetic catch, which ensures that the rack will remain in the stored position even with unleveled floors. Engineered for easy installation and relocation, the PerfectFit™ Moving Rolled Textile Storage kit is constructed of an extruded aerospace aluminum frame corresponding adjustable support brackets for each individual pole. The system can be wall mounted, ceiling supported or floor supported.


  1. All structural members have bolted connections for ease of installation/ease of relocation by the user.
  2. The system requires no track.
  3. Active Guidance is accomplished by a floating intermediate tube at the top of the system that telescopes into the aisle position.
  4. The intermediate tubes with their ball bearing rollers travel with each rack and provide smooth and quiet operation.
  5. Passive Guidance is achieved using the lower ball bearing guide rollers which keep each rack straight through its entire range of movement.
  6. A magnetic catch ensures the rack will remain in the stored position when unleveled floors exist.
  7. The aisles will be clear and unobstructed, floor and overhead.
  8. The system is especially engineered for easy installation and relocation by user.
  9. The (4) posts and (2) frameworks (top and bottom) are fully engineered extruded aluminum tubes.
  10. The Moving Storage Units and the structural components are all aluminum with no paint.
  11. The spacing between racks is fully and easily adjustable.
  12. Each storage rack is welded at all four corners to guarantee torsional and dimensional stability.


  1. Poles and corresponding supports shall be all aluminum with no paints or applied finishes.
  2. Poles and supports/brackets shall be fully adjustable.
  3. Pole supports can be added or removed at any time.
  4. Adjustability is accomplished with a standard Allen Key.


  1. The standard poles shall be 1.0” (25.4mm) x 2.0” (50.8mm) a radiused rectangular extrusion.
  2. The standard poles shall weigh approximately .81 lb/ft (1.20kg/m).
  3. The panel pulls out to expose its full unobstructed width.
  4. Less than 15 lb or 6.8 kg of force is required to place a fully loaded panel in motion.
  5. Cushioned stops limit the panel at both ends of its travel.
  6. Individual components weigh less than 30 lb/14 kg.

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