Display Storage Cabinets

CSI cabinets have been used for a variety of collections around the world for over 20 years. They are integral parts of many collections ranging from rare books to Asian textiles to a large variety of precious decorative arts to military artifacts.

As museum storage specialists, we designed and engineered our Display Storage Cabinets with glass doors from a museum’s standpoint rather than adapting an existing cabinet. As a result they combine full visibility with utmost security and control. This storage solution is intended for exhibition level visual access and is engineered with the structural integrity of permanent collections storage. For example, the inert, anodized aluminum we use is maintenance free. There are no surfaces to outgas, eliminating potential hazards to your collection.

Changing objects and artifacts is seamless. Our sliding door movement was engineered for smooth, precise movement that facilitates fast changing with maximum safety. Individual cabinets can be fitted with shelving and cabinets can be assembled on-site, as your needs require.

The combination of these materials and manufacturing techniques from our aerospace design background make this cabinet an ideal solution for virtually any collection.

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Fact Sheet

Our cabinets provide full visual access of objects in a secured and conservation-safe environment with sliding door access front and rear.

Access: Objects are accessible from both sides for optimal viewing and placement. The sliding doors provide simplified and safe access.

Cabinet: The anodized aluminum construction is lightweight and durable. The material is inert, completely non-reactive with no off-gassing. No paints or applied finishes are used.

Doors: (2) pairs of the 100% glass sliding doors are standard. The inert, safety glass is clear, but can be tinted as per your needs.

Installation Options: Cabinets can be assembled on-site, as needed.

Lock(s): Each pair of sliding doors is key locked at the center point of the cabinet.

Maintenance: Materials are maintenance free.

Proven Quality: For some 30 years our products have been designed, manufactured and installed using advanced aerospace materials and techniques. CSI has successfully completed installations at more than 250 museums worldwide. We are proud to have partnered with many museums for over 20 years.

Seals: Silicone rubber seals are a proprietary design.

Sizes: Standard Sizes:

  • 90″ W (2.29M) x 48″ D (1.12M) x 90″ H (2.29M),
  • 90″ W (2.29M) x 36″ D (.914M) x 90″ H (2.29M)
  • Plus other standard and custom sizes to meet your collection needs or spaces.